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Our dog, Ben, has gone to Back in the Pack for pretty near nine years. As a pup, he went frequently and it was a great way for him to burn off energy and learn the ropes from older dogs. I’m convinced his ability to get along with pretty much any dog comes from his now weekly visit. It makes off leash walks anywhere a breeze.
His tail wagging and whining in the car with excitement typically starts two blocks away from Back in the Pack. And Brian, well he’s an eclectic fellow who runs a top notch operation, has a wry sense of humour and most importantly, gets dogs.
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Ben’s Owner

Back in the Pack has been a lifesaver. My dog is a high-energy, high-maintenance bundle of joy, before we were regulars at Back in the Pack – I was contemplating finding a new home for my buddy. Being that Parker has such a zest for life, he needs this outlet, and to be immersed in play and socialization with other canines. An absolute transformation has occurred in our house. Parker is a different dog when he comes home. I cannot thank Brian and Janice for helping Parker and I to find domestic bliss!

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Parker’s Owner

I’d like to thank Brian and Janice for providing us with Back in the Pack Dog Daycare, a great dog daycare for our pooches.  We have been taking our dogs to their daycare for 8 years and it’s great to know that our dogs are taken care of all the time and have a safe, fun environment.  I know Manfred and Siegfried love going to Back in the Pack, their tails are wigging and Sig can’t help but bark with excitement when he’s waiting to get in the door.  You can see that Brian and Janice love the dogs and go above and beyond when looking after everyone’s dogs. 

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Manfred & Siegfried’s Owners

We are very protective of our 14 1⁄2 year-old greyhound (as I am sure you can imagine)! Despite his age, Yeager still enjoys interacting with other dogs (well, more like mostly snoozing in the presence of other dogs…). We are grateful to have Back-in-the-Pack Dog Daycare, a place where we can feel really good about dropping the old guy off while we are at work.

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Yeager’s Owners

We’ve been bringing Selah to BITP for years and now that she’s slowing down Brian and the team still take special care to include her in some play time which is less stressful on her joints but just as fun for her jack russell brain. We really appreciate the sincere care and attention and we know Selah does also.

D & R

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Selah’s Owners
I’ve entrusted Back in the Pack dog daycare to take excellent care of my golden retriever since he was 3 months old. Trust is what I feel knowing that he’s in good hands after I leave him there for the day. Knowing that he’s learning the essential social skills by socializing with other dogs under the guidance of their fully capable staff. When picking him up at the end of the day, he’s happy and content which proves why I trust leaving him there.  The new Bowness facility is conveniently located, clean, offers full services and most of all is a welcoming place for dogs.
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Austin’s Owner

I can’t say enough good things about Back in the Pack.  Fergus is so eager to see Brian and Janice and the gang everyday and I know that he is in good and caring hands. Fergus is happy to socialize with his dog friends all day. 

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Fergus’s Owner
Back in the Pack provides a supervised and structured environment that allows my dog to feel secure. He’s always excited when we arrive at daycare, and he always comes home content and tired out – which makes for a happy dog and a happy owner!
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Nosy’s Owner

We have been taking our bulldog to Back in the Pack for the past 2 years since she was a small puppy.  She can’t wait to get in the door at daycare every morning, and leaves tired but happy every afternoon.  Brian, Janice and staff clearly love dogs and this shows in how they run their business.  We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dog daycare.


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Willa’s Owner
We took Bailey to Back in the Pack as a puppy to help socialize her. The attention she received was amazing and she always came home happily exhausted. We still take her once in a while if we are going to be away from the house for too long. We can just call the day before and they’ll fit her in. The hours and location are great and the videos and pictures we were sent was an added bonus!
– Danielle and Rob
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Bailey’s Owners