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Manfred & Siegfried’s Owners said:

I’d like to thank Brian and Janice for providing us with Back in the Pack Dog Daycare, a great dog daycare for our pooches.  We have been taking our dogs to their daycare for 8 years and it’s great to know that our dogs are taken care of all the time and have a safe, fun environment.  I know Manfred and Siegfried love going to Back in the Pack, their tails are wigging and Sig can’t help but bark with excitement when he’s waiting to get in the door.  You can see that Brian and Janice love the dogs and go above and beyond when looking after everyone’s dogs. 

We have had many dog illnesses and a death and they always accommodate us and the dogs, and I never have to worry.  The dogs always get a lot of attention.  Brian has done so many wonderful things for us, such as naming the resting room, Ruby’s Room, when she passed away and has even come to our house to look after the dogs when we had a death in the family and couldn’t find anyone we felt comfortable with looking after our senior dog.  Not everyone would do that.  Another bonus is that Brian is a pet photographer so there is an abundance for fabulous dog pictures and videos .

Thank you Brian, Janice and everyone at Back in the Pack for providing us with a fantastic daycare and everything you’ve done for us over the years.  We look forward to many more fun times!

Gail & Dale