Yeager’s Owners said:

We are very protective of our 14 1⁄2 year-old greyhound (as I am sure you can imagine)! Despite his age, Yeager still enjoys interacting with other dogs (well, more like mostly snoozing in the presence of other dogs…). We are grateful to have Back-in-the-Pack Dog Daycare, a place where we can feel really good about dropping the old guy off while we are at work.

Brian and Janice are terrific, they know dogs and, just as importantly, they ‘get’ dog owners like us. We do not hesitate to recommend Back-in-the-Pack, both of their facilities are fantastic (we have dropped Yeager off at both of their locations – Bowness and Kensington) and the dogs in their care always seem happy and engaged. When you visit, be sure to look for the snoozing greyhound!

Tori and Joe